Transition Program

  • Spectacular Steps is our transition program designed to help bridge the gap between 1:1 ABA therapy and a group learning environment. 

  • Group Of Elementary Age Schoolchildren Answering Question In Class

  • The main goal of this program is to help our clients gain the necessary skills to make the transition to a public school, private school, or daycare setting as seamless as possible. The transition program is offered to clients that are enrolled in our full-time clinic services, and are conducted two hours per day during standard therapy hours.

    The Spectacular Steps program focuses on several social skills necessary for transitioning, such as: following group instructions, completing independent activities, learning new skills in a group environment, and responding in group learning environments. All clients who participate in Spectacular Steps are still assigned a 1:1 therapist to assist in developing these group learning skills, as well as generalizing previously learned skills. Therapists fade their presence to allow the client to independently engage in the group learning environment, and provide prompting only as needed.

    Skills Targeted in Spectacular Steps:

     Compliance to group instructions

    Following independent schedules

    Completing independent tasks

    Appropriately recruiting therapist attention and assistance

    Engaging in group activities

    Actively engaging with peers in group activities

    Turn taking

    Answering group questions


    Inclusion in the Spectacular Steps program is determined based on the client’s progress in 1:1 therapy. The ultimate goal of this program is for clients to learn skills that will allow them to effectively transition into a group learning environment following transition out of our services.