Social Skills

  • Preschool Children

  • Spectacular Friends is our social skills program that focuses on developing and refining social interaction skills. This program is year-round and offered to clients receiving our clinic-based services as well as individuals who are not enrolled in our intensive services, but need more assistance in socializations (summer only). Spectacular Friends works on various peer-to-peer interactions, and uses an exciting and collaborative program, developed by Spectacular Kids staff, to engage all clients. Individualized goals are determined for each client in the Spectacular Friends program. Specific weeks cover important topics related to specific social skills such as meeting friends, sharing, stranger safety, and much more.
  • A sample of skills targeted in Spectacular Friends:
    Initiating social interaction
    Maintaining social interaction
    Increasing joint attention
    Turn taking
    Game play
    Pretend play
    Group learning
    Following group instruction
    Reading social cues
    Spectacular Friends is an important treatment component for our clients that are preparing to transition into other settings. Inclusion into the Spectacular Friends program is determined based on the client’s progress in 1:1 therapy. This group allows us to help prepare our clients for the complex social interactions they will experience, and transition them successfully to group learning settings.
    Summer Semester:
    Our Spectacular Friends group is open to the public during the summer semester. No assessment or evaluation is required for entry into the social skills group, however a brief observational assessment will be completed within your child’s first few sessions to develop individualized goals.
    2019 Summer Semester:
    June 11th, 2019 – August 8th, 2019
    Summer Semester Hours:
    Tuesdays & Thursdays 3:30 – 4:30
  • For more information regarding summer semester Social Skills services, please submit an online registration form or contact our Intake Coordinator, Amalia Gonzalez.

  • Amalia Gonzalez
    (281)-713-8980 Ext. 2