Focused ABA

  • Focused ABA is a short-term treatment approach that targets specific behavioral issues at home or in the community.

  • Autistic child with ABA provider

  • This treatment provides consultation for parents who are seeking more information or training on ABA techniques. Client’s that are seen for Focused ABA typically require behavioral interventions for only very specific circumstances or situations. Some potential circumstances that may be treated using Focused ABA are potty training, bedtime routines, managing problem behavior, difficulty with transitions, and much more. If there is a global concern for your child’s development, please refer to our clinic-based ABA therapy services.
  • A Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) will meet with the client and caregivers in the client’s home or in the community, assess the behavioral issues, and help caregivers implement an individualized treatment approach. Training sessions may be provided by the BCBA or other qualified staff members. The length of treatment for Focused ABA depends on the needs of the client and the extent of the behavioral concern. The appropriateness of Focused ABA services will be determined by the BCBA.

    Focused ABA services are only provided within a 10-mile radius of the clinic location.

    For more information regarding Focused ABA services please submit an online registration form or contact our Intake Coordinator, Amalia Gonzalez.

    Amalia Gonzalez

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