Activities for the Holidays

December 14, 2020

Activities for the Holidays

Typically, the holidays can be a busy time with family, friends, and a calendar full of events. This year, holidays look different for a lot of families due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Options for activities to do with the kids are limited, but we have some great activities that have social distancing and safety in mind!
Finding indoor activities that your child can do independently will help them stay busy. Activities can include puzzles, books, coloring, LEGOs, blocks, and pretend play activities. Having a designated play area in your home can help establish a set routine for your child and works towards building independence. If visiting family for the holidays, bringing some of these activities along with you can give your child a sense of familiarity and comfort, as well as keep them occupied!
Arts and Crafts
Arts and crafts are an awesome way to engage with your child and create something fun! Get out your markers, crayons, scrap pieces of paper, pipe cleaners, stickers, glue, and let your imagination run wild! You can make holiday cards for the family, decorate a picture, make homemade slime, or get creative and make something new!
Sensory Activities
Sometimes, kids enjoy manipulating various textures. Spray shaving cream on the table so they can draw pictures, or put a small amount of shaving cream in a Ziplock bag for a mess-free alternative. If the weather is nice, sidewalk chalk is a fun way for kids with autism to use their motor skills and creativity while creating their own work of art. You can even let the kiddos be pirates and search for hidden items, or go on a scavenger hunt for items you can find in the neighborhood. You can create an at home treasure hunt by placing small toys in a plastic container along with dry beans and/ or dry rice, and have your child dig the items out. There are also tons of cool sensory slime recipes you can make at home. Keep in mind if visiting family for the holidays, that new settings can sometimes result in overstimulation for some individuals with autism, so make sure to give your kiddo plenty of breaks!
Virtual Activities/Resources
Due to Covid-19, a lot of local businesses are doing virtual events or have made significant adjustments to fit social distancing criteria. Attached are a few links where you can check out lists of activities offered around the city for everyone in the family to enjoy.
Click the links below to check out some fun and COVID-friendly holiday
Zoo Lights at the Houston Zoo
The Light Park at Hurricane Harbor – Drive Thru Experience in Spring
Rudolph’s Light Show – Drive Thru Experience in Hockley
A Christmas Carol – Alley Theatre Virtual Performance


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