ABA Therapy - Clinic Services

  • Spectacular Kids offers intensive early intervention ABA therapy for clients from the age of diagnosis to 10 years of age with autism or related disorders.

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  •  Clinic services offer a comprehensive treatment package that is customized for each individual client. Treatment focuses on all areas of development, working to teach and increase adaptive prosocial skills as well as decrease problematic behaviors.
  • Beginning Treatment

     Treatment begins with an initial evaluation, using formal assessment tools, to identify the strengths of the client, as well as potential areas for improvement. Based on the results of the evaluation, goals are developed to target a wide variety of skills. These skills are taught with a combination of discrete trial training with systematic instruction, in addition to naturalistic teaching procedures in which we utilize the natural environment and client initiations to teach new skills.


  • Receiving Services

    Over the course of treatment, goals and client progress are continuously evaluated by taking data on all current targets for each client. Continuous data evaluation allows us to make up to date treatment decisions, and ensure that treatment is tailored to the current needs of the client. Every 6-months, re-evaluations are conducted to assess progress, set new goals, and help determine the course of treatment or the need to transition to a different setting.


  • Parent Training

    Involvement of caregivers and family members is a vital component of clinic services. Caregivers are given access to all client data to monitor progress. Additionally, caregiver observations of clinic sessions are conducted monthly, so that caregivers can see first hand the progress being made and the strategies being implemented. In-home or in-community sessions are available upon request to provide additional support and caregiver training in specific settings (e.g., gymnastics, at the park, or at the grocery store).


  • Staff Roles


    All clients are assigned to a particular supervising Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) that conducts assessments, develops programs, and monitors progress. Day-to-day clinic treatment sessions are conducted by Registered Behavior Technicians (RBTs) under close supervision of the BCBA. At Spectacular Kids, we design treatment teams so that each client has the opportunity to work with several RBTs to help them generalize skills across people. RBT’s rotate between clients on their team every 2 hours as a way to build in generalization from the beginning of your child’s ABA journey.


  • We have a strong focus on maintaining the highest quality treatment. All of our staff go through a very intensive initial training, however, ongoing supervision and training are vital components to the exceptional services provided by our Spectacular Kids staff. We foster a collaborative work environment, and maintain open communication with caregivers to keep them informed of all aspects of treatment.
  • For more information regarding clinic-based ABA services please submit an online registration form or contact our Intake Coordinator Amalia Gonzalez
    (phone) (281) 713-8980 Ext. 2
    (email) [email protected]