7 Questions You Should Ask When Searching for an ABA Provider

October 01, 2014

When searching for an ABA service provider, it is important to not only find a good fit for your family, but also the best services for your child. Below are a few questions that may help you on your search.

1. Who are the BCBA’s on staff, and what is their experience (i.e. years of therapy, age groups).
2. What are the backgrounds of the direct care staff that will be working with my child?
3. How much of my child’s time will be 1:1 verses a group setting?
4. How much supervision will the BCBA provide each week for my child’s therapy?
5. What methods will they use to keep parents in the loop regarding my child’s progress?
6. What type of evaluation is done prior to enrollment?
7. Do they accept my insurance?

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