June 2017

  • Back to School Strategies for Kids with Autism

    For many, the start of school means a change in routine such as an earlier bedtime, a decrease in screen time or even a new teacher or school. This can be a difficult transition for all children but especially those with autism. Frequently, those on the autism spectrum insist on consistency, and demonstrate an inflexible adherence to routines; even the smallest changes can result in a meltdown.

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  • KINGWOOD FREE Saturday Community Training (July)

    KINGWOOD FREE Saturday training! Our July training will discuss tolerance programs for kids with aversions to events, activities, or items. Children diagnosed with autism often display extreme aversion to a variety of stimuli, including certain sounds, tastes, textures, and activities. When presented with the aversive stimuli children typically display maladaptive behaviors. As a result, parents frequently avoid taking their child to settings that trigger these behaviors…

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  • Monthly Resource: Wings for Autism

    Wings for Autism is a resource that allows individuals diagnosed with ASD to have an airport “rehearsal” before they experience the real thing. Air travel can be a chaotic and stressful experience, this program allows for a practice run to help plan and prepare for the real thing. The program is available at different times at airports across the country.

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